The Art & Science of Narrative


Dr. Jan Ewing, Ph.D.

“I believe that our optimal health and a sense of wellness takes place in the context of healthy relationships and a supportive community”.

The idea that health and relationships are intricately entwined is not new. However, now more than ever we are coming to understand what specific kinds of relating might make a difference in our health and how we might benefit from these practices. We have been developing Narrative Relational Health Practices, which have emerged from our orientation as Narrative therapists and our history of clinical work with clients at an integrative health center.

We are able to connect and support you in several ways. One way is through our Therapy and Consultation services. Another way is through our Professional Training Center where we offer the opportunity to develop clinical skills, projects, and research based on Narrative ideas.

This community has been a rich source of support, exploration and learning for me and I have benefited in many ways from the privilege of working with such extraordinary people. I believe that my own personal and relational identity and health/wellness has come about because I have such a community around me. It is my hope that we might be able to support you to become the healthiest (wellest) person you can be. . . by offering Narrative Health Initiatives to you.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting your health,